WIT Charge,
Your Emergency EV Power Partner!

Experience peace of mind with WIT Charge’s emergency, EV Roadside Charging Assistance. Navigate with confidence, knowing you’ll never be left powerless.

WIT Charge is a Game-Changer.

EV Roadside Charging Assistance

Emergency Roadside Assistance

It’s more than a boost; it’s a lifeline. Turn unexpected battery drains into mere pit-stops and then continue to any public EV charging station.

EV Charging, Anytime

Say goodbye to the hassle of tow trucks. Traditional EV tows pose challenges and high costs. Choose WIT Charge for rapid, reliable, risk-free, roadside charging.

Expanding Footprint

At WIT Charge, our journey began in the heart of Southern Ontario, driven by the commitment to deliver unparalleled EV charging services. 

Safety & Peace of Mind with
WIT Charge.

Have a backup plan for charging station failures, charging deserts and unexpected battery drain.
WIT Charge is the insurance you need to make sure you can continue on your way. EV Roadside Charging Assistance

  • WIT Charge will only service EV Roadside Charging Assistance situations.  WIT Charge is not meant as a non-emergency service.
  • You may be asked to provide photos of your vehicle range meter and location prior to dispatch
  • WIT Charge response time is not guaranteed and is subject to weather, distance and other factors beyond the control of Western IT
  • WIT Charge is only offered in a specific geographic area available on our website and is subject to change

How It Works


Sign up online and register your vehicle with us. Our sign-up process is smooth and intuitive. Just a few clicks and you’re part of the WIT Charge family.

Request Assistance

Navigate to “Roadside Assistance Request” on our platform or call our toll-free number if internet is not available in your location. Acknowledged requests are deducted from your yearly quota.

Charge Delivery

We converge on your location, ensuring your EV’s readiness to sail to the closest public charging station and save you the hassle of towing.

Stay In Your Vehicle

No need to leave the comfort and safety of your EV. Simply wait while we top up your EV.

Your EV Is Re-Charged

 Knowing that your vehicle has been charged sufficiently to reach a fast-charging station means you can continue your journey with one less worry.

Automatic Payments

Fees automatically charged to your credit card. No hassle. Seamlessness in our charging service isn’t limited to just your EV’s battery; it extends to our payment system too.

Any Questions?