WIT Charge: Revolutionizing EV Charging in Southwestern Ontario

Expansive Coverage: 150 KM Around London, Ontario

Wit Charge Service Area

WIT  Charge Service Area has made a significant impact as a crucial service for electric vehicle (EV) drivers, covering a substantial 150-kilometer radius around London, Ontario. This wide-reaching service area demonstrates WIT Charge’s dedication to providing accessible and reliable emergency EV charging solutions. The central hub in London, a city celebrated for its dynamic culture and activity, is the foundation from which WIT Charge extends its supportive reach to neighboring towns and cities.

Key Cities and Highways Within Reach

Within this 150-kilometer radius, WIT  Charge Service Area encompasses vital areas including bustling cities like Woodstock and St. Thomas. Woodstock, with its historical allure, and St. Thomas, famous for its railway heritage, are just a couple of examples of urban centers that benefit from WIT Charge’s presence. This coverage also includes various smaller communities, offering a sense of security to EV drivers, whether they’re navigating daily commutes, leisurely drives, or professional trips.

Travel with Confidence on Major Routes

Moreover, this service area spans major highways, including the heavily trafficked Highway 401. This inclusion is particularly beneficial for EV drivers frequently travelling these key routes, where the availability of emergency charging services like WIT Charge can be a game-changer. This service is invaluable, especially in regions where the development of public EV charging infrastructure is still evolving.

Supporting the EV Community's Growth

WIT Charge’s strategic placement around London, Ontario, is also responsive to the increasing adoption of EVs in the region. As the EV market grows, the demand for reliable and easily accessible charging solutions escalates. WIT Charge not only fulfills this demand but does so with a focus on customer satisfaction, ensuring help is always within a short distance.

Doing Our Part For The Environment

WIT Charge’s service area is not just a geographic boundary but a sphere of reliability and convenience, empowering EV drivers in Southwestern Ontario to travel with confidence. As sustainable transportation continues to gain momentum, WIT Charge’s role in supporting this green revolution becomes increasingly vital.

Powered by Western IT Group: The Technological Backbone Behind WIT Charge

WIT Charge, a leader in emergency EV charging, seamlessly operates under the dynamic umbrella of Western IT Group. Consequently, this strategic alliance capitalizes on Western IT Group’s advanced technological expertise, thereby ensuring each WIT Charge service is not only efficient and reliable but also at the forefront of innovation. As a result, WIT Charge, in collaboration with Western IT Group, is effectively transforming the landscape of electric vehicle support services, prioritizing exceptional quality and unparalleled customer satisfaction.

Safety & Peace of Mind with
WIT Charge.

Have a backup plan for charging station failures, charging deserts and unexpected battery drain.
WIT Charge is the insurance you need to make sure you can continue on your way. EV Roadside Charging Assistance

  • WIT Charge will only service EV Roadside Charging Assistance situations.  WIT Charge is not meant as a non-emergency service.
  • You may be asked to provide photos of your vehicle range meter and location prior to dispatch
  • WIT Charge response time is not guaranteed and is subject to weather, distance and other factors beyond the control of Western IT
  • WIT Charge is only offered in a specific geographic area available on our website and is subject to change